About the artist

The ‘art’ of painting for Michael is in the exploration of shape, form, texture, perspective and colour. He demonstrates a natural understanding and skilled use in all these areas. A simple, mundane scene is considered and the details revealed in a new light that challenges the cursory glance that people give to them.

His chosen medium is oil paint, as it enables him to push the boundaries of the image. He utilises brushes and palette knives, with the paint often left ‘impasto’, leaving the surface of the painting as the diary of his journey.

Michael is inspired and influenced by nature, music and other cultures,which evoke emotional responses. He communicates these emotions to the observer, by building a shared experience through the application of paint.

Michael is a believer of art speaking for itself and thus being its own advocate.

Michael worked in a variety of industries before studying Foundation Art during the 1980’s, in his home city of Cardiff, South Wales. He currently resides in Normandy, France.